At 快播视频, we have a single goal: to help semiconductor manufacturers achieve the highest quality and yield, with the lowest cost of ownership. We deliver on that goal with ion implant platforms based on unique enabling technologies that provide unmatched purity, precision and productivity. The result: competitive advantage for our customers—and rapid growth for 快播视频.

Tailored solutions

We understand that every fab is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your process flow and tailor an ion implant solution to your specific needs. We optimize our platforms to meet specialized requirements for a range of applications —from memory to advanced logic to image sensors to power devices.

Next-gen technology

Our significant R&D investments have created an expanding suite of ion implant platforms based on modern architectures and optimized for today’s emerging semiconductor applications. We continue to invest in next-generation technologies to keep 快播视频 customers ahead of the innovation curve.

Collaborative partnership

Your acquisition of an 快播视频 platform is just the beginning of our relationship. We work with you to ensure you continue to meet your fabrication goals. Your success—now and in the future—is our primary focus. This partnership approach has helped us forge customer relationships lasting decades.