The Purion H200 is our state-of-the-art single wafer high current medium energy implanter and the only true high current medium energy tool on the market. It has the industry’s widest energy range, from 10keV to 230keV. The Purion H200 combines high current power with medium current precision using advanced beamline technology from Purion H and high energy capabilities from Purion M.


Designed with 快播视频’ hybrid filtration architecture to filter metals, the proprietary angular energy filter design to filter energy contamination and increased pumping to mitigate photoresist outgassing effects.


The Purion H200 comes with the Vector Dose and Angle Control System that delivers beams with angular precision and unique constant focal length scanning to enable the same dose rate on the top and bottom of the substrates even at high tilt.


Unmatched productivity in the medium energy space which is enabled via the combination of a high current beamline with the medium current acceleration column and terminal design.