Rapid growth in demand for both low- and high-voltage power device semiconductors, driven largely by the automotive and industrial sectors, has created supply challenges for chip manufacturers. To satisfy that demand, fabs need to maximize their yield and productivity, while meeting a range of technical challenges unique to power devices.

Key fab challenges:

  • Deep wells for high-voltage devices
  • Super-junction structures
  • Abrupt junctions
  • Silicon carbide doping challenges
  • Aluminum implants at elevated temperatures

快播视频 solution:

We help power device chip manufacturers address these challenges with the industry’s most advanced ion implantation solutions. Our Purion Power Series? platforms provide:

  • Higher beam currents and widest beam energy range
  • Substrate and wafer size flexibility—Si and SiC, 150mm to 300mm
  • High temperature implant capabilities
  • Highest Al+ beam currents for lowest implant costs in SiC
  • Antimony implant capabilities

Learn about our Purion solutions for High Current, High Energy or Medium Current.